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Carmel stylist talks curbside color to go

Around the globe Stylist unite and stick together! (Read below).
Question: Do you think it is worth the few dollars made by “selling or helping a client” to disrespect the industry? Is it unethical and showing lack of integrity on the stylists part? It is a hot, heated and very opinionated topic. What is your take on it? SUDS would love your opinion on “mix or don’t mix PROFESSIONAL color to give clients to DIY at home”. Also, How do you get this to them without breaking lockdown, social distancing or quarantine? Are you risking the population of Barbados?
What’s your take? Please comment below.

This is a good read! https://www.indystar.com/…/carmel-hair-salon-la…/2930985001/

Carmel stylist talks curbside color to go

Nicole Bryan Salon and its co-owner Travis Webb want to offer a fresh splash of hair color.


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