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REPOST⁠ via @hair_shop_beauty⁠⠀…

REPOST⁠ via @hair_shop_beauty⁠⠀
Let's be honest: what does blonde hair need?⁠⠀
The first is a good cleansing and a clean shade⁠⠀
second – quality nutrients and moisturizing length⁠⠀
Here is the answer – Joico Blonde Life ⁠⠀
Shampoo # sulfate-free, gently foams and cleanses hair; has the function of detox and does not give much yellowing from chlorinated water⁠⠀
The conditioner nourishes dry hair as much as possible, fills them with keratin and proteins, works for the future. With it, the hair acquires strength and at the same time softness.


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